• Why VR?


    Much of the VR content coming out today is focused on gaming and has a high barrier to entry.


    We see VR as a platform that can transport people to another realm to experience story like never before. It is the next step in the evolution of storytelling.


    We want to make VR accessible to people who love a great story, and use its immersive power to give audiences the most visceral narrative experience of their life.


  • The Story

    In the distant future our species has colonised the universe in what is known as The Empire. Now we are the target of an unknown enemy and only one group of mercenaries can save us - The PhoenIX.



    The PhoenIX

    At their core, The PhoenIX believe in helping their fellow man and fighting for those are not able to fight for themselves.


    They are a group of mercenaries who don’t necessarily take the job because it pays the most.


    The PhoenIX never dies. It is reborn.



    The current leader of The PhoenIX, also known as Phoenix Prime. Bald, grizzly and battle-hardened, he has seen it all. His father ran The PhoenIX before him and Oz took up the mantle after him. A decorated soldier from earlier Empire Wars, his experience renders him level headed and calculating in times of crisis.


    A young man in his early 20s. Young, brash and naïve – he’s in love with the idea of being a space explorer even though he’s just a lowly courier. He has greatness within him which will be revealed.

    Shira Qaline

    Head Concubine to the newly appointed Emperor Zeno II. She doesn't know it yet but she will be the eyes and ears of The PhoenIX in the Empire.

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  • The Team

    The story of The PhoenIX was conceived and developed by Warrior9.

    Based in Singapore, Warrior9 is comprised of award-winning filmmakers who are focused on creating innovative narrative experiences.

    Abhi Kumar - Writer & Director

    Abhi has always been driven by the desire to create cutting edge visual stories. He is an award-winning playwright who has had numerous plays performed in the US and has also written for Singapore TV.

    As co-founder and Chief Creative Director at Warrior9 Pte Ltd, Abhi has written and directed multiple award-winning short films.

    Ashima Thomas - Producer

    Ashima is co-founder and CEO of Warrior9 .


    She has been a storyteller for more than 10 years, first as a journalist in TV news, and then focusing on documentary-style impact stories for distribution online. Her work has been viewed by millions on YouTube, Facebook and other social media.

    Ashima believes VR is the next frontier in the storytelling revolution, having seen wonder and awe on the faces of hundreds of people who have tried VR for the first time. She wants to spread this feeling far and wide by harnessing the technology to give audiences the most visceral story experience of their lives.


    Race Krehel - VR Lead Designer

    Race Krehel is the Chief Creative Director of VR at Warrior9. He has worked in Lucas Film where he developed his 3D animation skills. Since then he has worked in multiple production houses in Singapore growing his digital art skills while focusing on virtual reality.

  • The Art of The Phoenix

    See the artwork that's inspiring the series

    Mercury 48

    The standard delivery ship used seen The PhoenIX teaser!


    The PhoenIX's mother ship housing all of the mercenary crew. Check out the progression from the original sketches.


    WIP designs of the upcoming spaceport in Episode 2

    Oz Original Sketches

    Shira Original Sketches