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In the distant future mankind has colonised the universe in what is known as The Empire.

Now we are the target of an unknown enemy and only one group of mercenaries can save us – The PhoenIX.

This multi-part virtual reality series aims to immerse you in the most visceral narrative experience of your life. Bear witness to the battles and the celebrations, the triumphs and the losses, the pain and the hope and travel through space to worlds never imagined as you follow The PhoenIX on a mission to save us all.

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VR is a platform that transports you to another realm, allowing you to experience a story like never before. It's the next step in the evolution of storytelling.

The PhoenIX is created by Warrior9 VR. When we started working on the series we thought about all the ways we might do justice to this epic saga. In 2015 we experimented with virtual reality. The team tested a 90 second clip to see whether it might work and our minds were blown.


 There was no doubt that VR would be the medium to give audiences the rush that this show delivers.



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